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What happens during the selection procedure?

You meet your colleagues in the HR department, in the course of which we try to get to know you a bit better and we create the opportunity for you to gain an overall picture of AAM Consulting.

After passing the HR interview the next step is a professional interview, when you will meet our management consultant colleagues. In form of a case study we will assess your problem-solving and conceptualisation skills, and your attitude towards work, your organizing skills and your English language skills.

After the successful interview you will take a personality test, which is followed by a conversational interview with a partner.

If you pass the interviews and tests we will make an offer for you and welcome you in the team.

Is there an opportunity for work experience or vacation work at AAM?

We keep looking for 4th or 5th year informatics or economics students interested in consultancy who have good English skills and who would like to try their theoretical knowledge in practice. We expect our interns to make a long-term commitment (at least 6 months) and make themselves available for work at least 3 days a week.

When I have completed my internship, will there be a possibility to continue to work with AAM as a career starter?

If you have completed your internship and finished your studies then there is an opportunity to apply for a position as junior consultant or consultant assistant with AAM.

Does AAM offer support for those writing theses?

We welcome applications (to job(--NOSPAM--)@aam(--NOSPAM--).hu) from those who would like to write their thesis with our company and about our company. In your letter please give the topic of the dissertation (with perhaps a brief summary) and explain what help you expect from us as well as why you selected AAM. We will reply to all applicants.

When can I put in my application?

We welcome applications from people interested in consultancy all year round.

If you still have unanswered questions or you would like to apply, please contact us at job(--NOSPAM--)@aam(--NOSPAM--).hu.

Website last updated: 2019.10.01