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Our mission as consultants

Mutually working for solving problems and answering needs of our clients, which requires ability for quick situation assessment, problem and solution identification. Our footprint left behind is the added value of intellectual measure that contributes to development aspirations of our clients.

Our working method

At AAM we work in teams. We try to reach a point where close teamwork is not an obligation but a choice made voluntarily. We endeavour to learn from one another and continuously research new solutions and new areas of application for proven solutions. You will never be isolated in AAM. It is possible that your project will require you to work alone, but you can always count on receiving help when you need it.

Constant advancement

It is in the interest of the company to promote the professional development for our colleagues. We provide in-house knowledge transfer trainings as a way of transferring skills and experience we have amassed in the course of conducting projects and research. We also provide opportunities to attend external training courses to acquire new skills and the latest market information.

Carrier and professional development at AAM

Your mentor will assist you in your advancement and movement up the career ladder. The company supports an individual approach and development paths. Personal performance is evaluated openly, using pre-determined aspects. Personal performance is evaluated openly, using pre-determined aspects. We are building a team including members with a divers set of knowledge, experience and interests who motivate each other and our clients, and this is how they succeed in various projects.

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