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12-09-2018 Pseudonymization

One of the most interesting terms, that was introduced under the GDPR is the so called “Pseudonymization”.


11-09-2018 Processing biometric data

What is biometric data and what your company has to consider when processing it?


10-09-2018 What GDPR means for photographers?

The General Data Protection Regulation is effective as of 25th May 2018 and if you run a business, no matter how small, you have to comply with the new rules of data privacy. If you are professional photographer, wondering if GDPR applies for you – the shorter answer is YES, so you have to be prepared.


07-09-2018 Data profiling - GDPR

What is data profiling and automated decision making in the context of GDPR?


06-09-2018 Cold calling - GDPR

Are you a salesperson, wondering how GDPR will affect your cold calling? In the below article we will try to shed a light on the matter.



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