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Globally and in Romania too, the strategically important energy and public utilities sector is currently seeking responses to a series of newly emerging challenges. Players on the market have to prepare themselves for the demands of cost efficient management in a changing market and corporate environment, they have to vouch for secure provision and continuity of supply, and they have to comply with constant amendments in the regulatory environment.

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Today, as a consequence of the increasingly important role played by the different energy resources in the world economy, the energy and public utilities sector represents a key strategic sector both in Hungary and on an international level. Over the past few years the constantly rising demand for energy, and the resulting dramatic increase in the price of gas, oil and electricity, mean that the key players in the sector have considerably strengthened their positions in certain local and regional economies.

As a result of the privatization process ongoing since the 1990s, today In Hungary mostly professional investors of the private sphere, among them several multinationals, have a critical role to play in the sector. Besides the private sector, however, public administration bodies (for instance, local governments) also have a (rather limited) share in certain companies in the industry.

The energy sector underwent a considerable transformation after the turn of the millennium, and legal regulations are nowhere near the same as those of the early 2000s. As a result, market and corporate processes, structures and company structures have changed, which in turn forced market players to face numerous challenges in their optimization and effective transformation. It is sufficient simply to look at the liberalization of the electricity and gas markets, provisions on legal and accounting separation (unbundling), or the ceasing of public utilities as a category. However, the transformations have not yet been completed: following the opening of the electricity market, the main task in the immediate future for concerned companies will be the gas market liberalization.

Market players have to be prepared to meet the strict requirements for efficient cost management, security of natural gas/electricity supply and the continuity of their business activities in the shifting market and corporate environment. Furthermore, it is essential that they are able to answer the modern IT challenges, including the provision of an efficient and quality customer service, the construction of appropriate sales systems or the implementation, development and modernization of IT systems (for instance, the development of the most widely used IT system in the industry, SAP IS-U and related systems).

In countries to the south and east of the Central-Southeast Europe region liberalization has only recently begun, as well as preparation for market changes and ensuring competition, the privatization of several state-owned energy companies and the rationalization, optimization of the corporate structure and processes in an effort to improve efficiency. Furthermore, for improving efficiency, major market players and multinationals active in several countries in the region are making constant efforts to harmonize and integrate the business and IT processes as well as information systems of their companies located in different countries.

On the whole we can say that energy and public service utilities sector is an area of the economy undergoing considerable change. In the course of these changes there is considerable demand in many areas for consultancy services and solutions offered by AAM in both management and IT consultancy fields.

Our experience and surveys indicate that clients choose us to support their initiatives in the sector for the following reasons:

  • Our broad, sector-specific project experience; we have supplied consultancy services to almost every major market player, therefore we have established in-depth know-how based on a wide client base;
  • Size, stability; we can provide from our own team a considerable number of stable, competent, experienced energy sector experts able to adapt flexibly to the amount and intensity of the tasks, and where necessary we can supplement this group with a broad base of outside partners;
  • Behind our consultancy services are tried and trusted methods combining international methodologies with our own domestic and regional experience.

Success Story

E.ON Hungária Ltd. - SAP implementation - in time, on budget, with required scope
Professional contribution to and quality assurance of implementation of SAP systems with the aim of trading on the liberalized market complying with the new electricity law

Full liberalization of the Hungarian electricity market was achieved on 1 January 2008. In line with this numerous IT developments were realized at E.ON Hungária Ltd. and its subsidiaries. The project coordinated the work of a team consisting of more than 120 experts, engaged in activities such as conceptual and IT design, development and testing of SAP Classic and IS-U modules.

AAM provided continuous professional support and quality assurance to the project, such as:

  • representing the process-driven IT requirements during the whole project cycle;
  • participation in the professional work of several project teams;
  • providing test management support;
  • ensuring integration and information flow among the project teams and with related projects;
  • reporting to Project Management and Project Steering Committee;
  • reviewing prepared documents in the frame of quality assurance.


The involvement of our colleagues in quality assurance and other key roles on the project resulted in a smooth, timely and successful implementation of the SAP Classic and IS-U modules in accordance with the requirements of the new electricity law.


Consultancy services and solutions offered:

  • Professional and project management support in preparation of opening the electricity and gas markets: we assist our clients in planning an appropriate organization and operation in line with regulations, in elaboration of new organizational units and processes, and in planning projects providing the transition. We support the project to be successful with project management, quality assurance, training and change management.
  • Organizational and process development, integrated operational development: we support our clients in improving efficiency of business processes, preparing, planning and implementing strategic restructuring. Our activities extend to the mapping, optimizing of existing business processes, making them measurable, the formation of new organizational units, detailed planning of their operations and processes, elaboration of regulations, organizing regulatory training courses and supporting their implementation and change management.
  • Design and implementation of project and programme management culture and procedures; applying and customizing methodology of project planning and execution, elaborating corporate project management and project portfolio management processes and organizational background (project office), preparing regulations, training, implementation support, change management.
  • Providing business continuity: identifying risks threatening business processes, defining potential managing solutions, setting out emergency operational procedures, and defining a scenario for the reestablishment of normal business activities.
  • Consultancy related to IT operations, including: preparing IT strategy from the IT vision to the compilation of a detailed medium-term action plan; operation of IT organizations: organization and process optimization, outsourcing; IT architecture management: implementation of a system providing registry and workflow support, uploading the configuration management database (CMDB).


Related information and integration services:

  • IT systems: professional support and quality assurance of implementation of corporate information systems (SAP Classic / IS-U / EDM, CRM): support in vendor selection and tender management, professional support of the implementation and testing of IT systems, test management; project management, quality assurance.
  • Development, implementation of IT systems: requirement specification; systems development; professional quality assurance of development projects; system testing; systems related process development.

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