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The client profile of AAM health and education services covers those involved in health service provision and because of their close contacts with this circle, institutions of higher education. Accordingly, sector clients are major service providers offering health services (inpatient, and outpatient service providers), suppliers of pharmaceuticals, instruments and medical aids, and state bodies with national scope of authority regulating and maintaining the operation of the entire system, as well as universities and colleges active in higher education.

Although AAM had sector-related clients right from the very start of its operations, the enhanced management of the sector truly started with the opening of opportunities for the utilization of considerable central developments and EU resources. In just this short period we have carried out several major projects, primarily supporting the implementation of information systems.

More on our expertism

Organizations operating in the health and education sector have to adjust themselves to increasingly demanding external constraints. While costs continue to rise, and expenditures devoted to health and higher education are restricted, consumers demand ever better quality health and education services. These two apparently contradictory constraints prompt those active in the sector to mobilize existing in-house reserves of efficiency, and this can only be handled through the application of information technology and the latest organizational methodologies. The greatest development challenge lies in developing connections between departments within single institutions and between institutions themselves, which until now have been operating in isolation. This greatly promotes better planning capabilities, the more efficient utilization of resources and closer monitoring.

These efforts are assisted by the fact that they are eligible for considerable funding from the European Union, through the targeted appropriation utilization of which development projects can be implemented. However, besides receiving financial support health and higher education institutions are also faced with the considerable challenge that there are extremely strict implementation and accounting criteria attached to the financed projects.

With regard to information systems, questions of data protection and security are receiving ever greater emphasis. The rigour of relevant legal provisions in the health and education sector impose new, challenging tasks on developers, implementers and users of IT systems.

AAM has broad professional know-how and experience in the preparation, implementation and quality control of major information projects, as well as the planning, introduction and auditing of IT systems.

Success Story

Preparation of standardisation, integration and implementation strategy of the Health Management Information System for the Kazakh Ministry of Health.

In each country it has greater and greater significance to distribute the resources spent on healthcare more efficiently and in order to serve better the improvement of the state of health of the population.

An essential contributor of the above goal is a nationwide information system, that

  • on the one hand supports medical analysis and healthcare planning related decision making

  • on the other hand enables setting up diagnosis and prescribing treatments taking into account the medical life history of the patients

In 2007 AAM has won a tender issued by World Bank to determine the strategic directions of the information system included in the grandiose Kazakh health development plans.

Our first task was to analyse the project ongoing for some time past, during which we assessed and evaluated the system functionality, its connections, and the operations of the implementation project. The lead healthcare specialist of the World Bank, Dominick S. Haazen has characterised our work as

"It is one of the best analyses of its kind that I have seen. Section 4 provides an excellent overview and "road map" of the key issues."

After the analysis we have made our recommendations which have laid the foundation for the next steps of the development and implementation on international medical, system development and operational standards.

As a result of our work Kazakh Ministry of Health could carry on the development of the system effectively and in 2008 the system was put in service in the capital city appointed as the pilot region.


  • Project management and financing: defining and planning development projects; project management and project management support; quality control of projects.
  • Development and introduction of information systems: requirement specification; systems development; professional quality assurance of development projects; technical assistance; systems testing; process reengineering and development.
  • In the field of information security and governance: security audits of IT systems, system operations assessment;, and practical implementation of recommendations deriving from security audits and assessments.

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