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The public administration business unit of AAM was set up at about the same time as the public administration system was developed after the change of regime in Hungary. Over the past decade and a half we have accumulated huge experience (more than 500 man years) in public administration under every government and we are pleased to be able to share it with all of our current and future clients. We are able to help our clients with everything from identification of the problem through formulation of project ideas to implementation. The services of the public administration business unit in AAM are available to all participants in public administration: central, regional and local public administrative bodies, local governments and local government public administrative bodies, and their support agencies.

More on our expertism

As the country's most significant "virtual company", public administration is an economic entity in Hungary with the largest budget and workforce. While not disputing the role and importance of the private sphere, we hold the view that public administration provides the fundamental framework for society and the economy, therefore AAM has paid considerable attention to the sector for many years and has committed itself to assisting in the modernization of the Hungarian public administration system.

The total transformation of the operational environment and numerous other external pressures and expectations have posed the sector with considerable challenges ever since the early 1990s. Pressured by the need to continuously evolve, an increasing number of ever more complex tasks had to be conducted with a reduced staff and ever tighter deadlines, thus not only employees in the sector but also outside experts supporting their work were forced to measure up to numerous professional challenges.

Public administration projects supported by our expert know-how range in size from a few million forints to those with budgets of several tens of billions of forints; the size of these depends to a large degree on the subject of the project and our role in it.

The experience we have gained in public administration in Hungary - well illustrated by the more than 500 projects performed for nearly 100 satisfied public administration clients - are also used to great effect in numerous public administration projects abroad (Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kazakhstan). Among our successful projects, an increasing number are financed by the European Union and World Bank.

Today, the most important tasks of public administration are providing citizens (clients) with a high standard of service, the extension of e-administration, the creation of an efficient operational environment (an ever smaller state), the acquisition of EU funds and their appropriate, efficient utilization. It is particularly important that typically large state administrative tasks are arranged reliably and cost-effectively, in parallel with reduced central financing.


Related consultancy services

  • Project definition and implementation. Multiproject management and programme management. Supporting the selection of suppliers and systems: professional assistance in the professional preparation and arrangement of procurements and public procurements.
  • Consultancy services covering regulations. Drafting preliminary regulatory impact studies, cost-benefit analyses.
  • European Union-related services. Tender management consultancy, supporting the efficient implementation of European Union projects in accordance with regulations.
  • Local government services. Professional support for e-local government systems financed by the Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme: examination of data protection conformity of informatics applications, proposals on necessary tasks; drafting related regulations; analysis of economic utilization and researching funding options for developments. Formation of electricity procurement strategies for local governments.
  • Services related to the operation of public administration organizations. Establishment of Business Continuity Management (BCM) system: developing, teaching and testing business continuity, and emergency management procedures. Standardization of job descriptions based on government regulations, with IT support. Professional support of info-communications, e-local government, e-public procurement tasks. Determining concepts for budget planning, management and monitoring systems, as well as professional assistance in their development and introduction.


Related informatics development and integration services

  • Architecture management. Support for the efficient operation of informatics systems, architecture planning and change management with the help of purpose-built software.
  • Informatics systems. Support and quality control of systems planning, procurement and introduction.
  • Informatics application development. Development of management systems, document management applications and systems supporting working processes, within a standardized framework or one-off.

Key References

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Romania - Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), National Institute of Statistics;

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Tax Administration, National Revenue Agency, Ministry of Justice, Council for Electronic Media Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works;

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Directore for Civil Aviation;

Macedonia - Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC), Ministry of Interior, Police Border Service, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Macedonia;

Serbia - Ministry of Finance;

Kazakhstan - Ministry of Labour and Health;

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