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For more than a decade and a half AAM has been assisting its clients active in virtually every sector of the economy and public administration in the development and improvement of efficient, transparent and rational organizational operation, as well as in the management of major development projects and programmes. As a result of our involvement, both market and state organizations can come closer to achieving their stated objectives. The broad and reliable industry know-how and experience possessed by AAM experts represent the guarantee that we are able to create genuine theoretical and practical added value for our clients across the region.

AAM Consulting supplies general, industry-specific and at the same time wide-ranging services in the following four key sectors: public administration, health, financial services, and energy and public utilities.

Our teams utilize their sector-specific, practical knowledge, as well as comprehensive theoretical methodological approaches efficiently and highly effectively. This multilateral approach plays a great part in our success since it allows a clearer overview, and an objective assessment and resolution of problems and challenges that arise in the course of a project. We expect our staff not only to have a high degree of professional and industrial experience but also a practical, working knowledge capable of adapting to the given situation.

One indicator of the success of our services, knowledge, experience and attitude is that we are capable of successfully adapting the skills and practical know-how acquired in a domestic environment to projects in other countries of the region. In other words, we base our strategy for growth on our specialized, easily transferable and comprehensible understanding of many different sectors of business.

Public administration - commitment to modern public administration

AAM's public administration business unit is almost the same age as the public administrative system set up after the change of regime in Hungary. Even though public administration provides the framework for society and the economy, and it is the entity with the largest budget and workforce in the Hungarian economy, it is being forced to come to terms with ever more challenges. Increasingly, a society accustomed to market success is demanding performance and cost efficiency of a similar standard. Pressured by the need to continuously evolve, it has to carry out an increasing number of ever more complex tasks with a reduced staff and slimmer budgets. At the same time, the sector has new opportunities in the areas of IT modernization and organizational operational rationalization. AAM devotes particular attention to this sector and is committed to assisting in the modernization of the Hungarian public administration system.

The experience we have gained in public administration in Hungary - well illustrated by the more than 500 projects performed for nearly 100 satisfied clients - are also used to great effect in numerous public administration projects abroad, in Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kazakhstan. Although it is important to have a similar approach to global issues, our experts also know that sensitivity to local and national differences is equally important. This is why, in line with our strategic plans, we aim to establish several regional affiliates offering local know-how and skills.

Financial services - efficiency and security

Nowadays, the financial institutions face many challenges raised by the fierce competition on the market, the negative impact of the financial crisis, the stringent need for cost-efficient internal operation and compliance with international regulations. AAM provides services to assist the financial institutions in the Central and South Eastern Europe region to address these challenges.

AAM supports Clients in managing and implementing complex projects (CRM systems, corporate risk management and credit management systems, operation of program management offices during the implementation of investment systems and the replacement of core banking systems) and also in the process and operation improvements based on internationally acknowledged methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma, Lean) by using process modelling tools such as MEGA, ARIS, Ms VISO, Provision.

Furthermore, AAM also provides services in the fields of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) as well as in risk management (such as forensic, revenue assurance, fraud risk assessment). Besides these, our consultants have extensive knowledge of Enterprise Architecture Management which can be a tool to manage risks consciously, develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans, identify project overlaps, exploit synergies and support consolidation. Our consultants are trained in various frameworks and recommendations (TOGAF, Zachman, PEAF, ITIL, etc.)

As it is the hottest topic today world-wide, our consultants are prepared to implement full Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) auditing projects required by major card companies. The audit makes it possible to manage risks, minimize losses and improve reliability and corporate image. Our partnership with the compliance solution provider Trustwave guarantees that any deficiencies identified in the PCI DSS audit will be corrected by the deadline set by the auditor, which allows Clients to obtain their certificates cost-effectively and in the shortest possible time. As a result, security risks are reduced and potential sanctions are avoided.

Telecommunications and media - regulatory pressure and increasingly specific consumer demands

Due to the explosive development of technology over the past 15-20 years, the communications and media market has become one of the economy's most dynamically changing and developing sectors. Over the past 15 years AAM has assisted all the main players on the telecommunications market and the regulatory authorities in major projects; for instance, we have introduced CRM systems, established a centralized procurement system and provided BPR support. AAM also assists Clients in introducing new products and services, such as new fix-mobile convergence products and integrated Telco-energy sector services on the market.

AAM’s objective is to provide professional support primarily for the communications and media market players in their continuous business development, as well as to provide a measure of support in the face of 21st century challenges such as the weakening of extensive growth potential, the increased mobility of formerly vertical businesses (fixed, mobile, cable TV etc.), and the entry onto the telecommunications market of broadcasters and content provider firms.

Energy and public utilities

Globally and in Romania too, the strategically important energy and public utilities sector is currently seeking responses to a series of newly emerging challenges. Players on the market have to prepare themselves for the demands of cost efficient management in a changing market and corporate environment, they have to vouch for secure provision and continuity of supply, and they have to comply with constant amendments in the regulatory environment.

With the increasing competition on the liberalized market and the growing number of energy suppliers the key players have to prepare for the fierce competition by continuous product and service development and information security related improvements at the same time, to keep their market position.
In the South East European region, a start has only now been made on preparing for liberalization, market changes and the creation of competition, the privatization of several state-owned energy companies, as well as the rationalization, optimization of the corporate structure and processes in an effort to improve efficiency. Furthermore, and again in the spirit of improved efficiency, major market players and multinationals active in several countries in the region, are making constant efforts to harmonize and integrate the business and IT processes as well as information systems of their companies located in different countries.

For many years, AAM consultants have participated in projects initiated by the market players and the regulatory authorities. With significant experience in the market mechanisms, the market liberalization, the processes and the IT systems, AAM considers one of its key missions to provide assistance for Clients in the preparation for the challenges and taking benefits from the changing environment.

Health and education - lack of resources and efficiency

While costs continue to rise, and financing invested in health and higher education is restricted, “consumers” demand ever better quality health and education services. These two apparently contradictory constraints prompt those active in the sector to mobilize existing in-house reserves of efficiency. We are convinced that this can only be handled competently through the application of information technology and the latest organizational methodologies.

Our activities in the health system span the entire sector along with every player in it, from health service providers supplying the sector to state bodies with national competence and universities active in higher education.

The efforts of organizations in the sector are assisted by the fact that they are eligible for considerable funding from the European Union, through the targeted utilization of which important and integrated development projects can be implemented, such as improving operations and introducing modern IT solutions. However, rigorous conditions on implementation and invoicing characteristic of these projects impose greater project management duties and requirements on beneficiaries. Using its broad methodological and practical skills AAM is able to provide effective assistance in this area.

Transport and industry

AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd has been carrying out management and information consultancy tasks in the transport sector for a decade. As a result of deep involvement, AAM defined the business processes, provided project management and quality assurance auditing for some of the mayor players in the transport sector. Our experience is covering most of the transport modes in the industry and urban transportation. We provide advising and consulting services as well as developing transport plans, analyses, studies and designs. We are also delivering strategically planned sophisticated information systems to support our clients' operation.

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