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AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd has been carrying out management and information consultancy tasks in the transport sector for a decade. As a result of deep involvement, AAM defined the business processes, provided project management and quality assurance auditing for some of the mayor players in the transport sector. Our experience is covering most of the transport modes in the industry and urban transportation. We provide advising and consulting services as well as developing transport plans, analyses, studies and designs. We are also delivering strategically planned sophisticated information systems to support our clients' operation.

More on our expertism

Nowadays, the transportation system is reaching its peaks in the volume of transferred cargo and number of passengers by all means of transport. The development of the transport infrastructure needs strategic planning, and the operation is complex as never before. Business process management, in connection with management systems provides smooth operation for a complex transport system. Constant development, improvement, implementation of new tools and innovations with appropriate maintenance is essential to keep and gain competitive advantages on a very demanding and competitive market.

Companies and governmental bodies are in permanent transition and transformation, chasing the optimal form of organization to satisfy the customer needs and to provide better and competitive services. Even in a single European market the privatization process is still ongoing. Starting with the open sky agreement the market of transportation is expanding in all transport modes to the neighbouring regions of South and Eastern Europe. The continuing processes need additional even exceptional skills from the management to keep pace with the changes. Maintaining sustainable transport, keeping standards and directives, must be a result of meticulous planning process which comprises economic, environmental, safety, socio and other multidisciplinary studies.

New competitive technologies are one of the answers for the challenges. Perfectly customized business applications tailored to support the optimized business processes are the solutions we provide.

We can conclude that in the transport sector is in huge organizational changes. In the course of these changes there is considerable demand in many areas for consulting services and solutions offered by AAM Consulting in both management and IT consultancy fields.

Our experience and surveys indicate that clients choose us to support their initiatives in the sector for the following reasons:

  • Our broad, sector-specific project experience; we have supplied consulting services to almost every major market players in Hungary, and we even operate internationally, therefore we have established in-depth know-how based on a wide client base;
  • Size, stability; we can provide from our own team a considerable number of stable, competent, experienced transport sector experts able to adapt flexibly to the amount and intensity of the tasks, and where necessary we can supplement this group with a broad base of outside partners;
  • Behind our consultancy services are tried and trusted methods combining international methodologies with our own domestic and regional experience.

Success Story

Hungarian Public Roads Public Company (HRP) 

Development and reengineering core business processes at the company, and audit of the existing ERP system

After the independent county public road companies merged into HRP in 2005, HRP decided to integrate their core business processes with the assistance of AAM. AAM defined the critical processes, determined improvement opportunities, redesigned the core business processes, and conducted training to support the introduction of the new processes. Through the standardization and rationalization of the processes the resource utilization of the company improved significantly.

AAM additionally provided an independent review and audit about the ERP system of the company, by examining existing related documents, conducting assessment interviews, and overviewing similar ERP systems available on the market.


Consulting services and solutions offered:

  • Professional and project management support in preparation of opening the transport markets: we assist our clients in planning an appropriate organization and operation in line with regulations, in elaboration of new organizational units and processes, and in planning projects providing the transition. We support the project to be successful with project management, quality assurance, training and change management.
  • Transport planning - covering EU regulations: we are providing Expert opinions on policies, strategic decisions, developing (preliminary) feasibility studies, regulatory impact studies, master plans and designs, traffic surveys and forecasts regulatory impact studies, cost-benefit analyses. Tender management consultancy, supporting the efficient implementation of European Union projects in accordance with regulations.
  • Financing: proposing project financing constructions, partnerships and sources, EU project proposal development
  • Organizational and process development, integrated operational development: we support our clients in improving efficiency of business processes, preparing, planning and implementing strategic restructuring. Our activities extend to the mapping, optimizing of existing business processes, making them measurable, the formation of new organizational units, detailed planning of their operations and processes, elaboration of regulations, organizing regulatory training courses and supporting their implementation and change management.
  • Services related to the operation organizations. Establishment of Business Continuity Management (BCM) system: developing, teaching and testing business continuity and emergency management procedures. Identifying risks threatening business processes, defining potential managing solutions, setting out emergency operational procedures, and defining a scenario for the reestablishment of normal business activities.
    Standardization of job descriptions based on government regulations, with IT support. Professional support of info-communications, e-government, e-public procurement tasks. Determining concepts for budget planning, management and monitoring systems, as well as professional assistance in their development and introduction.
  • Information System Consulting: development and integration of services. Preparing IT strategy from the IT vision to the compilation of a detailed medium-term action plan; operation of IT organizations: organization and process optimization, outsourcing; IT architecture management: implementation of a system providing registry and workflow support, updating the configuration management database (CMDB). Design and implementation of project and programme management culture and procedures.
  • Professional support and quality assurance of implementation of corporate information systems. Support in vendor selection and tender management, support of the implementation, test management, project management, quality assurance. Requirement specification; systems development, professional quality assurance of development projects, systems related process development.

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