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Increasing our clients’ competitiveness by efficient use of development resources.


  • National and community program and contract evaluation:
    • Ex post and on-going evaluation of NDP (NFT) and NHDP (ÚMFT): ROP, ECOP, SROP, EAOP, EDOP (ROP, GVOP, ÁROP, EKOP, GOP)
    • NHRDP (ÚMVP) evaluations: NHRDP (ÚMVP) mid-term evaluation; impact indicator evaluations
  • Institutional and procedural developments:
    • NHDP (ÚMFT) and NSZP (ÚSZT) programs: Business process assessment; Revision and development of the financing system of Intermediate Bodies; Development of EAOP (EKOP) source saving action plan; Evaluation of regulatory constraints and implementation functions
    • Széchenyi 2020 and RDP (VP) programs: Development of common procedural regulations; Elaboration of simplified cost accounting solutions
  • Evaluation and development of support systems:
    • Elaboration of EMIR development strategy
    • Development of concept for NHRDP (ÚMVP) monitoring system
  • Development policy consultancy:
    • Strategy development for development and public policy


  • Strategic approach: Our experts experienced in the field of funds absorption on operative (project level) and strategic (development policy and sector policy) levels provide you partnership in all areas of resource management.
  • Contribution to planning and evaluation of nationwide, sector specific programs: We put our experience of the last 20 years in planning, implementing and evaluating regional and national projects and programs into practice.
  • Planning based on results: We use our significant experience in national and community program and contract evaluation throughout planning developments.


We plan the deliverable products of the cooperation according to the Client needs and requirements.

  • Evaluation: Development program implementation review.
  • Strategy: Development policy and sector specific strategy development.
  • Procedures: Procedure development and implementation support.
  • Support system: Planning the proper means of support and further development, implementation support.


  • Ex ante, on-going, mid-term and ex post evaluations
  • Statistical and econometric analyses
  • Lean process development, BPM process management
  • Policy strategic analyses
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