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Work from anywhere, anytime, securely


  • Mobile decision making: Mobile solution development supporting top-level management decisions in order to increase the operational efficiency of the organisation.
  • Mobile colleagues: We do not believe in remote working. What we believe in is the efficiency of working with full effect from anywhere as possible, for a defined group of colleagues.
  • Mobile sales: Revenue increase and cost reduction with consideration to the working conditions of sales colleagues. Follow real-time the performance of your sales colleagues, manage sales activities and minimize their administrative tasks.
  • Mobile user: 4 out of 5 security incidents occur due to user negligence. Before investing in information technology let us help you consider ways that could most effectively change user attitude in this respect.


Enterprise information mobility



  • Customized strategy: AAM is committed to applying methodologies customized according to customer needs and requirements and international standards.
  • Independence: Our professional creditability is guaranteed by the method of finding the most excellent information technology solutions for our Clients without any vendor preferences.
  • Scalable concepts: We understand our Clients and we know that they intend to implement new information technology function groups accepting certain risks. In case of mobility, we develop a concept of gradual implementation in accordance with our Clients’ requirements.
  • Unity of business, security and information technology: During concept development our expert team creates a bridge between business areas, information security and information technology areas, supporting a compromise-based process of strategy planning.


We plan the deliverable products of the cooperation according to the Client needs and requirements.

  • Strategy: Mobility strategy and security, technological strategy development, Concept audit, Regulatory framework, Consultancy relating to legal questions, Framework development for enterprise information mobility
  • Business needs: Situation analysis and needs assessment relating to business needs, Process mobilization, Change management, Organisation development, Utilisation of existing technological possibilities
  • Planning technological solutions and implementation support: Selecting technological partners and solutions, Vulnerability assessment, Determining levels of platforms, tools and security, Implementation support, Quality assurance, ICT service management


  • Situation analysis and needs assessment – assessment of current practices, resources, competences and the relevant regulatory environment
  • Assessment and analysis of relevant market trends and benchmarks, analysis of legal environment and concept development
  • Strategic concept planning and development
  • Vision, collecting development goals, determining development directions, planning development action plans – producing project road maps
  • Providing support and quality management for projects of implementation
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