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Information is actual value


  • Development/assessment of information security management systems: we develop the information security management framework, regulations and controls of the organisation based on international best practices.
  • Development of working and risk-based IT security processes: our principle is that the most efficient solution is protection proportionate to risks, therefore our goal for the client’s organisation is to use working and useful processes as a result of our contribution.
  • Implementation of IT security systems: due to our IT consultancy background we have all the theoretical background and system implementation experience that is necessary in terms of information security system implementation.
  • Incident management and prevention of fraud: We have significant experience in implementing preventive and detective controls, and also in supporting prevention of fraud and investigation of security incidents.

IT and information security consultancy



  • Comprehensive vision: Our experts have a comprehensive understanding and sufficient experience in different areas of information security, enabling us to provide relevant solutions for clients in this ever-changing environment.
  • Knowledge of actual client needs: AAM focuses on the actual problems of clients, avoiding the basic mistake of resolving security questions merely by implementation of IT solutions.
  • Independence: AAM manages information security tasks independently from vendors or particular solutions.


We plan the deliverable products of the cooperation according to the Client needs and requirements.

  • Risk-based, working, IT security processes: efficiently regulated operation.
  • Compliance audits: for compliance with specific legal and other international standards.
  • IT security system implementation: specifications, testing scenarios and testing and migration plans.


Strategy level:
Security strategy, Regulation system development, Risk management, Assessments and audits, Certification preparation

Operational level:
Data classification and DLP, BIA, BCP/DRP, Authorization (IdM/PIM), Log analysis (SIEM), Fraud prevention, Enterprise mobile security, Mobile application security, Vulnerability assessment, Incident management

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