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Our mutual aim: Competitive organisation on the right path


  • Competitive advantage built on the core competences of the organisation: We believe that successful strategy development means defining development directions aligned to the core competences of the organisation. With consideration of national and international best practices, our goal with defining strategic directions is to develop and improve the organisation’s unique voice and own values.
  • Well-established decisions: Our mission is to ensure simply operable decision and management structures for the top-level management of the organisation, aiming to achieve a quick, well-established and efficient decision-making process.
  • Measurable results: Throughout coordination of strategy implementation it is an absolute necessity to be able to measure and fine-tune the efficiency of the strategy. Our approach assigns quantifiable indicators and target values to the strategic target system for the evaluation of performance.
  • Support and commitment: Ensuring support and commitment on behalf of the organisation’s employees is a crucial factor throughout strategy implementation. Our change management action plan developed for the management guarantees communication specific to target groups and to introducing colleagues to the planned changes.


Operational strategies and operational transformation supporting business purposes



  • Customized solutions: AAM is dedicated to customized methodologies built upon requirements and demands of our clients and international standards.
  • A wide spectrum of competencies: We have over 100 consultant colleagues including experts experienced in sector specific areas as well as in strategy development in several functional areas.
  • Implementation support: We support our clients in defining strategic directions, as well as in implementing them.


We plan our deliverable products of our cooperative work according to the Client needs and requirements.

  • Entrepreneurial strategy: We establish frameworks of effective organisational operation by developing mechanisms of transparent and simple internal decision making structures.
  • Business strategy: We make your organisation competitive by the most suitable action plans of market entry and product strategies.
  • Functional strategy: We establish the conditionality of functional operation governed by top-level management. The target system and development of functional areas are harmonised and coordinated on a strategic level.


  • Situation analysis and needs assessment - assessment of relevant on-going projects, resources, competencies and the relevant regulatory environment
  • Assessment and analysis of relevant market trends and benchmarks
  • Planning and development of strategic concepts
  • Vision, collecting development goals, determining development directions, planning development action plans - producing project road maps
  • Providing support and quality management for projects of implementation
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