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We can offer our clients efficient assistance in several professional fields thanks to our extensive project experiences and the competences of our consultants possessing years of professional work. Our consulting services is one of the most important pillars of our operational field that include among others the business process management, the project management and other type of consulting projects. Our other relevant activities are the technology services that cover equally the business application and IT system implementation as well.


Business process management

The ability to react flexibly and rapidly to market changes and challenges is of vital importance for every organization. Our consultancy services linked to the business processes are designed to assist our clients in recognizing and successfully implementing all those operational development tasks that create direct value and make it possible for strategic goals to be achieved. Read more

Projectmanagement and financing

The global compulsion for results orientation and operational efficiency has driven project management from being a special managerial activity specialized towards the management of specific "enterprise-type" tasks to become a decisive managerial paradigm of organizations nowadays. Read more

PCI DSS Services

In the second decade of the 21st century usage of bankcards has become a part of everyday life. Online payment systems are getting accepted and mobile payment solutions are before dramatic evolution. Occasionally theft of consumer financial data can be easy due to the defective information security measures of payment card transactions and processing systems operated by merchants, service providers, issuer and acquirer banks. Read more

IT strategy and governance

Over the last decade the majority of organizations have seen informatics grow from their mere backup-support role to become an inseparable part of the core activities, frequently serving the company's clients directly. Where informatics has taken a leading strategic role in this way, it becomes a decisive factor in the organization's success or otherwise, representing either a competitive advantage or a competitive disadvantage. Read more

Enterprise architecture management

The functioning of modern corporations has become so complex that an understanding of the operation of individual elements or their interrelations simply could not be expected of any one manager without efficient support. Using our enterprise architecture management consultancy services we help to establish the organizational operation that allows managers to acquire a clear picture of the company's operation and connections, and to implement medium- and long-term development projects in a transparent and structured way in line with strategic goals.

Business applications

Information applications supporting the core activity and the functional areas have a key role to play in the business success and the improvement of the operational efficiency of companies. Read more

IT System Implementation

Nowadays, every company and institution depends on effective, business-oriented IT support for its operation. Appropriate IT systems make the work more efficient, decrease the probability of errors and open up new business perspectives. Read more


Risk Management Services

Fraud prevention, detection service

Our service aims to minimize the losses suffered by enterprises due to fraud, misappropriation and mismanagement. Read more

Quick Fraud Risk Assessment (QFRA)

The Quick Fraud Risk Assessment (QFRA) identifies key fraud-related exposures can serve as the cornerstone of an effective antifraud program. Read more

Revenue assurance

This service is designed to evaluate the entire process of generating revenue in order to ensure that enterprises obtain the revenue they have really worked for. Read more

HR screenings

Human resources are one of the greatest investments of an enterprise. Read more

Contract Risk Management

Our service aims to map and register the valid and effective contracts and its associated companies, followed by a review of the extent to which each contract serves the Client’s interests in business, professional and technological terms. Read more

Security review

AAM reviews the Clients’ IT security situation (development, operations, outsourcing, etc.), including the protection of communication as well as physical, logical and HR security, maps vulnerabilities and makes recommendations for their (cost-) effective mitigation. Read more

Compliance assessment

Our service helps Clients perform compliance audits to keep their market and financial positions, their brand names and reputation. Read more

IT audit outsourcing

AAM relies on highly qualified, experienced and independent IT auditors in helping Clients to perform the IT related audits. Read more


Technology solutions


Working in the Finance Sector, our solutions need to accommodate to the highest security, reliability and performance requirements. All shares a common purpose: to bring an Enterprise - not only banks - one or more steps closer to a manageable organization.

Focus areas

Our strength lays in delivering tangible IT solutions to business problems. As a principle, we focus on solving individual business problems, while always keeping an eye on the global picture. We've gained exceptional experience in following areas: Enterprise Architecture Management, Treasury Business Automation, IT Service Management, Custom Application Development and Business Application Integration.

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