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The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) was created by the major credit and debit card processors and aims to standardize the security controls related to card data across all organizations, according to their size. The PCI DSS requirements focus on key aspects of the processes related to payment cards – transmission, storage and processing. The purpose of the standard is to protect the cardholder data associated with the payment cards, in order to prevent fraud and data leaks.


The Impact of GDPR on the Cloud Service Providers

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants new rights to individuals and imposes new requirements for organisations. This will have a considerable impact upon cloud service providers that process personal data (CSP processors).


What is ‘Privacy by Design’?

With the GDPR coming into force in May 2018 more and more businesses understand the need of keeping personal and confidential data of their customers, employees and partners safe. In the era of “big data” this has become extremely challenging. A risk-based methodology of identifying digital vulnerabilities and closing privacy gaps is becoming essential.


GDPR – Staff Awareness Training is mandatory?

A well-known fact in any security field is that people are usually the chink in the armour of any organisation. Whether the result of a mistake, lack of knowledge, or malicious intent, the human factor is reported to contribute to 52% of security incidents. It’s only logical to ask — why should you implement state-of-the-art IT security controls when it’s possible to bypass them using social engineering? Many see this as low hanging fruit, but that cuts both ways — while it’s difficult to have a perfect state of awareness and security among employees, it’s not that difficult to establish a basic level of awareness.


GDPR and Cookies

While the EU does not have strict regulations for cookies, the GDPR does mention the small data files that browsers download to user’s computer, containing various information such as user ID’s, browsing statistics, session info, authentication, etc.


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